How to Completely Remove Association of Chief Police Officers Virus?

If your computer is infected with Association of Chief Police Officers virus, you will see a bogus alert every time Windows starts. The alert claims that your Windows system has been blocked for some security reasons. You won’t be able to access to the programs and files until you install some additional paid security updates. In fact, the information displayed by the virus is totally false. What you need to do is to remove Association of Chief Police Officers virus from the computer.

Know more about Association of Chief Police Officers virus

Association of Chief Police Officers virus is a computer virus that classified as ransomware. Once it gets into your computer, it will display a fictitious page which pretends to be from the UK police and says that your PC has been blocked due to several reasons. You will see the following information:

“Association of Chief Police Officers


For security reasons, your Windows system has been blocked!

The reason can be visiting the infected or pornographic sites. The computer has approached to critical condition because of which the system can break and all data can be lost. For having possibility to restore system, you should install the additional security updates.

This paid update is intended for very infected systems. This update completely protects your system from viruses and malware, stabilizes your computer system and avoids data loss.”


The virus states that your PC may visit the malicious websites and invite some malware that put your system at risk. It locks you out of your computer and displays a lock screen asking you to enter a code for transfer 100£ Ukash or PaySafecard systems. The virus is, in fact,

a scam that aims to swindle you out of money. If you pay for the so-called paid update to repair the infected system, you just be taken in by the cyber criminals and get nothing helpful for PC. Under no circumstance should you transfer any money, for your personal information may be stolen and exploited by cyber criminals and you may be involved in identity theft or other troubles.

Follow the instructions below and you will be access to the computer system again.

How to get rid of Association of Chief Police Officers virus from your computer?

Method1: Restore your computer to an earlier time.

Step1: Restart your computer and then keep pressing until you get the Advanced Boot Options screen.


Step2: Use the up and down arrow keys to highlight Safe mode with Command prompt option.


Step3: At the command prompt, type cd restore, and then press Enter key.

Step4: Type rstrui.exe at the command prompt and then press Enter key


Step5: The System Restore window will start. You need to select a restore point previous to this infection and then click Next button.


Step6: After the system restore is completed, you will be able to enter the PC in normal mode. Then run your antivirus software to perform a full scan of your PC.

Method2: Use a professional malware removal tool to automatically delete the virus.

In addition to the method above, you can also get rid of the malware by following the several steps below:

Restart your PC and constantly tap F8 key on the keyboard. When the Advanced Boot Options screen appears, select Safe Mode with Networking with the arrow keys. Then press Enter.


Download a reliable removal tool on your PC.

Install the tool and scan your computer with it.

Delete all the threats found on your PC and delete them with mere several clicks of the mouse.

It is recommended those whose computers are infected with stubborn malware programs to use a powerful removal tool to get rid of them fully and totally without harming the computer system. If your PC is unfortunately infected with such ransomware, follow the methods in this post to deal with it. You can quickly delete Association of Chief Police Officers virus with a third-party malware removal program.


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