Remove Windows Virus Hunter – How to Conduct a Total Removal of Windows Virus Hunter

Need to get rid of Windows Virus Hunter? How to totally remove it from PC? Keep on reading this post and you can  fix the problem.

Description of Windows Virus Hunter

Windows Virus Hunter is a rogue spyware remover that utilizes Trojans to spread itself and attempts to obtain illegitimate gains from computer user. Firstly, it exploits its built- in Trojan to get pass from the system authentication barriers into the system. Then it notifies you to install it directly and makes a free- of- charge scan for the system without your permission. As soon as it finishes the scan, it provides you with a list of bogus scan reports and system warning pop- ups which are created by its built- in fake scanner. Even if you choose to believe in it and pay for the licensed version, you may also find the constant fake security notifications and advertisements on PC screen.

What problems can be generated by Windows Virus Hunter?

  • Unexpected reduction of system performance
  • Increasing times of program crashes
  • Software instability
  • Failure to load Windows files
  • Failure to remove system components
  • Failure to update Windows applications
  • Browser hijacked
  • Inexplicable loss of network bandwidth
  • Failure to download and install legitimate spyware remover
  • Network connection failure

What can Windows Virus Hunter do on a poorly optimized computer?

  • Brings serious damage to crucial system files, silently wipe out essential system components to obtain access to the system and gather user’s personal or commercial files.
  • Adds insecure tools into the browser for tracking compromised computer user’s online behaviors and search activities and then transfer them to insecure servers.
  • Causes Seriously downgrade system performance via exploiting system resources and network bandwidth to spread itself to remote targeted PC.
  • Keeps generating undesirable advertisements on PC screen to generate illegal gains as much as possible.
  • Makes insecure modifications on system security level to prohibit legal security protection tool from download and install.

Effective Instructions to Remove Windows Virus Hunter Safely:

Step One: Reboot PC with Safe Mode with Networking.
1. Click Start, head to Turn Off Computer.
2. Click Restart, and then select OK.
3. As soon as the PC is restarted, press and hold the F8 key.

4. Select Safe Mode with Networking option.
5. Press Enter button.

Step Two: Disable the running processes of Windows Virus Hunter from Windows Task Manager.
1. Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete  to enable Windows Task Manager.

2. Click Processes tab.
3. Find out one of the running executable files of Windows Virus Hunter, select End Process option.

4. Click Yes when the Task Manager warning pops up.

Step Three: Remove related registry components.
1. Click Start, and then go to Run, and type regedit. Click OK to enable Registry Editor.

2. Expand the folder to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software, find out the folder named Windows Virus Hunter. Right click it, click Delete.
Click Yes to confirm the removal.
3. Expand the folder to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE, find out the folder named Windows Virus Hunter. Right click it, click Delete option.
Click Yes to confirm the removal.

Step Four: Show hidden files of the rogue spyware removal tool.
Run My Computer tab on Windows Desktop. Click Open. From Tools menu, go to Folder Options.
Click View, from Hidden files and folders, select show hidden files and folders option.
Click OK to confirm the modification.

Step Five: Remove Windows Virus Hunter associated files.
1. Double click to run My Computer. Head to Search option.
2. Type the name of the malware to the Search for files or folders named pop- up.
3. Click Search Now. Remove the folder named Windows Virus Hunter.

To conduct a manual removal of Windows Virus Hunter, it needs you to have enough computer expertise to remove its associated program files, related registry components and executable files. Any problems occur during the process can easily lead to extremely undesired system problems, such as inexplicable loss of network performance, Black Screen of Death pops- up, software instability, Blue Screen of Death errors and legitimate system security protection tool download failure. To remove Windows Virus Hunter safely within minutes, you are suggested to use a highly trusted  removal tool like Mighty Uninstaller to completely and quickly get rid of the rogue program.

Download and install Mighty Uninstaller on your computer.

Run the tool and click Software Uninstall.

Search for Windows Virus Hunter and click Delete or Uninstall button.

The rogue program as well as all its leftovers will be deleted fully within seconds.


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